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Hey there! So, picture this: It's August 2023, and I've just moved into my first cozy spot in Sandy, Oregon. With a burst of inspiration, Dixie's Burnt Elegance came to life. And guess who's Dixie? My amazing, elderly miniature dachshund, who's been my rock since I adopted her way back in 2011. She's not just a dog—she's my muse, my partner-in-crime, and the reason behind the name.

Now, let's talk hats. Not your regular hats, mind you. We're talking felt fedoras and rancher-style hats that tell a story. Using a cool technique called pyrography, we add intricate designs that blend classic elegance with a modern twist. It's like history meets fashion, with a little extra pizzazz.

Every hat leaving our place isn't just a hat. Nope, it's a piece of my journey, from adopting Dixie to settling into the charming vibes of Sandy. And we want to share that journey with you.

Dixie's Burnt Elegance isn't your run-of-the-mill business. It's a party of inspiration, creativity, and a whole lot of love for crafting beauty by hand. So, come on over, and let's adorn you with not just a hat, but with the spirit of Dixie, the vibes of Sandy, and the kind of elegance that only comes from rocking an artful hat!

Thanks for stopping by!
-Jessica and Dixie
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